Emma Holcomb, Left, and Lizzie Hillmann, Right

Emma Holcomb, Left, and Lizzie Hillmann, Right

 Lizzie Hillmann, Designer + Co-Owner

Lizzie Hillmann, Designer + Co-Owner

 Emma Holcomb, Founder

Emma Holcomb, Founder

 Our Northeast Minneapolis Showroom

Our Northeast Minneapolis Showroom


Meet Emma!

Yogi and founder of MAI, Emma is certified through Yoga Alliance 200 hour to teach Vinyasa yoga and through MPY to teach YOD. After graduating in 2010 with an apparel design degree, studying abroad in Paris and completing multiple fashion internships in NYC, Emma moved to Minneapolis. She immediately fell in love with the balance of city and nature that it offered. Her passion for health, wellness and yoga combined with fashion is where the concept of MAI came from. (pictured left)

Meet Lizzie!

Cycle and Weight Lifting-lover Lizzie joined the team in 2015 as the Senior Designer and now co-owns MAI as Emma's business partner. After graduating in 2012 with an apparel design degree from University of Minnesota, studying abroad in Paris, and interning in London she brings a love for vibrant city life to all of her designs. She believes that clothing should move with your body and strives to make each element of MAI full of beauty and energy. Lizzie designs and partners with Emma through the entire product development process to create pieces that give you confidence to be your best self.


Long before they met, both Emma and Lizzie were deeply influenced by the power of mindfulness, balance, and setting intentions; practices they learned in their yoga classes. In the fashion industry, they saw how easy it was for companies to fall into the trap of creating fast fashion to make a quick dollar, capitalizing on the current trend and using the cheapest fabric and production resources that do more harm than good.

They believed they could create a better way to make apparel; one that would exemplify the same principles of mindfulness and intention taught in yoga; one that would shatter unfair industry exclusion by providing apparel for people of all sizes; one that would encourage and inspire through body-positive fitness practices; one that would support the fitness community and raise up the people around them.

Inspired by the mantra, “I AM enough,” MAI Movement is more than just an apparel company. It is an advocate for ethical production, wellness, empowerment and inclusion, as well as a catalyst for growth in the fitness community. Rather than producing dozens of new styles a year like “fast-fashion”- driven retailers, MAI's team takes time to discover and develop what our customers actually need. 

MAI Movement features thoughtfully designed workout and lifestyle apparel that is manufactured entirely in Minnesota by skilled cutters, sewers, and printers. Owners Emma and Lizzie spend endless hours perfecting and refining every fit and design detail to create the most flattering, versatile styles that make you feel amazing, no matter your shape or size. High quality performance fabrics are carefully sourced and meticulously tested to stand up to your sweatiest workouts, and versatile layering pieces transition you seamlessly into the rest of your day.

MAI Movement connects to the fitness community by hosting “MAI Mixers,” fitness and shopping parties intended to empower customers through linking body-positive workouts with apparel that mirrors this message. MAI Movement also customizes their high-performance and lifestyle apparel for local gyms, studios and companies by screen printing logos and custom art on performance fabric that stands up to the sweatiest workouts

As of January, 2017, MAI Movement officially moved into a shared studio and showroom space in Northeast Minneapolis! The team is thrilled to be part of a growing community of local businesses and grateful for their first official space. 


We empower individuals and organizations to discover their worth, to inspire breakthroughs and to grow into their fullest potential. Everything we do is with the intention to empower:

Lasting quality + style that moves with you:

100 wears + washes, enhanced mobility, impeccable fit + longlasting style. 

Ethical, US production with cottage industry sewers:

Support the dreams and work-life balance of talented craftsman production team.

Personalized partnerships that grow your brand:

Expert, insightful partner that will grow loyalty + visibility within + beyond your community.

Unmatched customization for apparel that is distinctly yours:

Innovative technique, endless opportunities + a team that is as passionate about you brand as you.


Learn more about our MAI mixers in the video below:

A huge thank you to-

Rhea Pappas, our amazing photographer who captures our movement and energy like no one else.

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And Dayana and Stefanie from Twin Cities Weekend for producing the amazing brand video above and helping spread the word!