Director of Operations at Bodies by Burgoon and Torque Cycling, Dawn Bryant, shared her experience working with MAI to launch a custom collection of 6 branded women’s performance styles for her Northeast Minneapolis cycling/personal training boutique gym.


Describe your experience working with Emma and Lizzie.

If I had to use two words to describe the process, I would say they are, probably, the single-most thoughtful and insightful business partner we’ve worked with. Their communication skills are incredible, both listening and sharing of information. They’re confident, but not condescending. They seek to understand purpose and use, and won’t sell you anything you don’t need.  

What was your goal in creating custom-branded performance apparel for your gym and what has been the result?
We wanted quality performance apparel that looks good, too – that is REALLY hard to find. Our goals were exceeded. MAI is a thoughtful partner is truly looking to help strengthen brands by creating a quality product that carries brand messages in creative and functional ways.
Describe the impact your MAI custom-branded apparel has had on your business.
On the surface, many businesses think of apparel as a way to drive brand visibility. And it absolutely does that – even moreso because the apparel looks great and our clients love wearing it. But the biggest impact is what it does to connect clients’ hearts and loyalty to the business. Each item they buy makes them feel more a part of a community, thus making them more loyal. On top of all of those things which generate great returns over time, it also is a great way to increase incremental revenues.

What is your most successful product from your order, and why?

It’s hard to nail this one down. We have already sold out many sizes of every product we brought in. Many customers have been buying into the line piece-by-piece, oftentimes using them as personal rewards for reaching goals. And once they buy one item, they ALL want another because they love the wear, feel, and quality of the products. We have some other tanks, for example, and several clients were disappointed that they weren’t made by MAI.

- Dawn Bryant, Operations Director, Bodies By Burgoon + Torque Cycling



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